Netflix 2.0!


Okay so, yes, another Nexflix post! But, these shows are new!

The first show I will be talking about is On My Block! This is a show about a group of high school kids who have a friend that is involved in a gang. He has been trying to get out of all of it for a while now because it puts him and his friends in danger. Yes, there is a lot more to this shoe but I don’t know how to say it all in words, and I don’t want to spoil it! I rate this TV show a 5/5 because it is very action packed and always leaves me on edge for the next episode. I recommend this show for people who like shows with a conflict between gangs or just a really good show to watch!

On to the next new show! All American! This is a show about a star football player named Spencer James. He gets recruited to move from a small city in California to the big city of Beverly Hiss, California. He then plays at the school in that district and gets a bunch of awards for all of his football achievements. Meanwhile back at home, his best friend is getting into the dangerous business of gangs! I know this isn’t that much detail but I rate it, once again, a 5/5 because this show is just straight out amazing!

I hope that this gives you a good show to watch when you are bored one day and decide to watch Netflix! I hope this was a fun and interesting post to read! That’s all for this post!

Music! 🎵

This post is going to be all about MUSIC!!

I think that the reason why I like music so much is that it can tell a story with a melody and it makes it a lot more enjoyable. It can help you to express yourself through a creative way and it can help to get your feelings out without writing it! In a way music and photography are about the same things, just that one is something that you can see and one is something that you listen to.

I am always listening to music these days and it helps to make me more concentrated when I am doing my homework. It also helps me to calm down or hype up before a game! Music can help you to express your creative side, maybe not writing the song, but even just listening to it can inspire you to draw a certain drawing or paint a painting.

Some of my favorite artists right now are…

  • Ariana Grande
  • Bazzi
  • Ruel
  • Why Don’t We

If you don’t know who these people/groups are, you need to check them out! THEY ARE AMAZING!

Social Media!

Okay so for this post, I will be talking about social media. This is a very broad topic but it is very important. Social media has impacted our everyday life either negatively or positively, or we love it or hate it.

Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat are all media platforms where people can post and talk about their feeling and their super cool lives. But that is only the good side of it. The bad side of it comes when someone has a bad opinion and decides to share it. The saddest part of all of this is that one person could start all of it but it takes a million people to stop it. And you may be asking what that one thing is and not surprisingly it’s bullying. It takes a very bold person to do that, put someone down for the way they look, the way they sing, or even something they did.

The good part of social media is self-confidence, Some people are too scared or not brave enough to put you down so, they build you up! Like for example some of your friends might put “SO CUTE!” or “PRETTY!!” and the bullies out there see that and are just too scared to say something mean. I noticed that celebrities get hated on the most because people want to be like them so bad that they start to get jealous, and that starts to create negativity.

So, if you see anyone getting bullied, please help them out!! 🙂

Basketball! 🏀

Hello everyone!

Today I will be talking about the basketball team at my school! When I first started basketball when I was in fourth-grade I absolutely hated it. But then over the years, I have grown to like it a lot more, now in eighth grade, I actually do really like it and it also benefits me in other sports too like soccer. I feel like it helps me to see the field better because the court is so small it helps on a bigger scale to see the passing lanes.

But I didn’t come here to tell you about me, I came here to tell you about a team that I play on. I don’t play for a club, but I do play for my school. We play in a small league here in Hawaii and it is a lot of fun. For the past three years that I have been playing varsity, we have always been coming in second place, and now this year we aren’t any closer to first, sadly. We just played our playoff game against a team that we have been trying to beat for the past three years, but still, have not beat them in the semi-finals.

Then it was off to finals, well for us it was finals for 3rd place.  Even though we weren’t in the finals for first place, but we did win our game for 3rd place! yay! But we had a lot of fun the whole season and I’m sad that it over but I guess every good thing has to come to an end!

That’s all for this post!


What is it?

For this post, I will put a picture below this and I  will be telling you what it is. But before you look at my answer, post a comment and tell me what you think!

Image result for weirdest houses in the world PC

For this picture, you might think that this is a art exhibit but really, its a house! It is actually only one of the many bizarre houses that are located all over the world! Not only do they make houses, but they also make insane stair cases and boats!

A lot of houses like these are really exotic and fun. But I always wonder how you get around when your house is almost circular! I also wonder where these are located and how long it took to make because these amazing things don’t look that easy to make!

That’s all for this post! I hope that you were as amazed at I was! Let me know in the comments what you thought and any questions would ask the home owner also!

8th Grade Japan Trip!

At my school, as an 8th-grade class, we go to Japan and parts of Okinawa at the end of the year!

I am really excited for the Japan trip because we get to do things that you can’t do if you go by yourself because some are particularly for big groups or schools. My school actually has a sister school in Japan so we got to see a Japanese school and we do cool traditional Japanese games!

I think that the most thing that I am excited about is just traveling with my friends because we are actually going to a foreign country! I am also excited to go to Okinawa because out of all the times I have gone to Japan I’ve never gone to Okinawa! I feel like it will be a lot of fun because school is actually really enjoyable, but all of the work makes it worse, so I think that a really fun trip at the end of the year will be great for us.

This I think will probably be the most enjoyable trip ever because we get to go to cool places. And the other part is is that we actually get to travel with friends, and in my opinion, friends always make things better.

Best Netflix Movies I’ve Watched!

Today I will be talking about the 3 best Netflix movies I’ve watched( as you can see from the title!)

Okay, so the first one  I will be talking about is, “To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before”In my opinion, this movie was adorable!! It was about a girl named Lara Jean-Covey. When she was in middle school, she wrote letters to 5 different boys that she had a crush on, but couldn’t tell anyone because her feelings were so intense. In the letters, they were her own personal really intense feeling that she felt about them. Then one day, her sister found them in her room and decided to send out the letters to the five boys, because she thought that her sister needed a  boyfriend. But one of the boys she wrote to was the hottest guy in school and he had just broken up with his girlfriend. He took advantage of the letter and he decided to make a deal with Lara Jean, he wanted to make his ex-girlfriend jealous and make her want to get back with him so he and Lara Jean “dated”(they didn’t really date, they were just faking 😉 But then after all of that faking they both started to have real feelings for each other and finally fell madly in love with each other.

Image result for to all the boys i loved before   PC

Next! The second movie is “The Kissing Booth”  This movie was also super adorable! This movie was about a girl named Elle and her best friend Lee. They have been friends since they were little, but Lee has a really cute brother that is an all-star football player and also Elle’s long-time crush. But when Lee and Elle got older they made a set of rules, one being that they couldn’t date family members, which included Noah(Lee’s older brother). But then came along the Spring Carnival and Lee and Elle decided to do a Kissing Booth! At first, they had a hard time finding people to do the kissing booth but once they got Noah to do it, everyone came running. But then Elle was one of the kissers in the booth and just to her surprise Noah was next in line. So, yes they kissed, and she broke their friendship rule but she just didn’t know how to tell Lee. They deiced to hide their love and it actually went ok!

Image result for the kissing booth  PC

Last but not least, “The Flash”. Yes, I know it’s not a movie but it is one of the best shows I have watched! This show is about a guy named Barry Allen and he was struck by lighting and dark matter(almost like superpowers) got into his system and soon after he was able to run as fast as the speed of light. Soon after he went into a coma, but at the hospital they all thought that he was dead, but then they took him to a lab called “Star Labs”, and come to find out he wasn’t dead, but his heart was just beating so fast that the monitor wasn’t picking up his heartbeat. His mom was murdered in her own home and his dad was blamed for it. He was friends with a police officer’s kid at school and he and his daughter, Iris, decided to take him in to live with them. The people at Star Labs decided to teach him how to use his powers and he then became a big-time superhero in Central City(where they live). There is so much going on in this show that I can’t even explain it. Go watch it and tell me what you think!

Image result for the flash wallpaper iphone  PC

My Bucket List

For this post, I will be talking about my bucket list. I might have already done this but I have more things to add.

First on my list would probably travel the world with my friends. I would want to do this because my friends are amazing and we always have a lot of fun.

Second, on my list would be going in a hot air balloon. I know it’s funny but I’ve never actually done this. I want to go to one of the hot air balloon festivals where the sky is filled with balloons.

Third I would want to go to space because I think that space has so many mysteries that scientist still can’t figure out.

Lastly, I would like to skydive because it’s not as extreme as going to space but it makes it feel like you are flying.

That’s in for this week!! 


Hi bloggers! It’s been a little while but today I am going to be talking about photography. 

Ever since I started middle school, homework and sports were getting a lot harder to manage. However, I still do both school and sports, but it’s becoming a little overwhelming so I thought that I needed something to balance it out a little. When I tell you this it might seem a little crazy at first but I promise it will make a little scene at the end.

When I was thinking about something easy and calming that I could do on the side of all of that I thought about photography because it is fun and simple and you don’t even have to have a special talent to do it. When I first starting to like photography I actually just took pictures on my phone and just edited them to my liking.  Photography could tell a story with just one picture, and I think that is what I like about it. To me, photography is like quotes without words.

I know that by know you are probably thinking, “Why would she want to do that? Its just one more thing to do!”. That is true but to me, it is more like fun, other than like school is like a chore. I feel like in the future photography may take a little longer to make money than other jobs but to me, if you are doing what you love than what’s the rush? I feel like it will help me to open up but without telling people exactly how I feel. This is my take on photography and how it helps me deal with everything that’s going on.

Thanks for reading! Don’t forget to comment!


Video Games

Hi bloggers,

In our generation it’s all about what things you have, wether its these certain kinds of shorts or what kind of game console you have. But the thing that sticks out to me the most is how much games people play now. People are willing to waste a full day on playing a video games that isn’t even real.

I know that a lot of you reading this may play games and I am not saying it’s a bd thing because it does take a lot of talent. And actually a lot of my friends at school play it and a lot of them want to become a game programer when they grow up. But when it comes to me trying to play them it is really hard. So, yeah, video games can rot your brain or make your eyes bad but they could provide you with an amazing future.

This is all just my opinion and yours could be very different, I would love to hear your thoughts form a person who plays video games, and how they benefit you.

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