Social Media!

Okay so for this post, I will be talking about social media. This is a very broad topic but it is very important. Social media has impacted our everyday life either negatively or positively, or we love it or hate it.

Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat are all media platforms where people can post and talk about their feeling and their super cool lives. But that is only the good side of it. The bad side of it comes when someone has a bad opinion and decides to share it. The saddest part of all of this is that one person could start all of it but it takes a million people to stop it. And you may be asking what that one thing is and not surprisingly it’s bullying. It takes a very bold person to do that, put someone down for the way they look, the way they sing, or even something they did.

The good part of social media is self-confidence, Some people are too scared or not brave enough to put you down so, they build you up! Like for example some of your friends might put “SO CUTE!” or “PRETTY!!” and the bullies out there see that and are just too scared to say something mean. I noticed that celebrities get hated on the most because people want to be like them so bad that they start to get jealous, and that starts to create negativity.

So, if you see anyone getting bullied, please help them out!! 🙂

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