My Best Work!! :)

This post will be about my best work of the first trimester of school! So first! Language Arts! I choose my essay about technology because I feel like I worked really hard on it. I revised it multiple times to… Read More

My Best Work in Social Studies!:)

In Social Studies last year I researched The Village of Upside Down Boat Houses! It was so interesting and I really enjoyed researching this topic. This is the slideshow that I made!

My Best Work in Library Science!:)

In Libary Science, we had to create a how-to video! So I choose: How to make homemade waffles! I love food and I know a lot of my friends liked food so I thought they would be interested in it!… Read More

My Best Work in P.E.!:)

In after-school extracurricular sports, we play volleyball and basketball! If your grades are good enough and you are allegeable to play you play in 14 regular season games and 3 games if you make it to the playoffs…. Read More

My Best Work in Science!:)

In science, we are currently working on a project for the lerning showcase. It is where the students show their parents what they were learning in school. So we are in pairs of 2 and I am with… Read More

My Best Work in Math!:)

I know that a lot of my best work is from last year but that’s okay! Again another project from last year is a math project. After trimester each of us does a project. That trimester’s project was about oceanographers… Read More

My Best Work in Language Arts!:)

I think that my best piece of work in Language Arts was my essay about Alcatraz Escape in 1962. Do I think that Frank Morris and the Anglin brothers did make it out alive? Yes, I do believe that… Read More

My Personification Story!

Hi Bloggers!😁 I think my best piece of work is my Personification Story. You job is too guess what I am and tell me in the comments!! Every morning I wake up and I have my usual breakfast of small… Read More

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